Origami Swan

Made it on this day of Saraswati Puja, out of almost 4 whole chart papers. Took about 6 hours to fold the papers and put all together. Fingers were paining after all that paper folding.

White Charcoal

Here are some of my recent works with white charcoal on black paper. After few days playing with black charcoal thought of trying some white ones too. Used General’s white charcoal pencil on black chart papers. Feels kinda like chalk on black board.

Watercolor Toothbrush Technique

After seeing a video on Facebook, couldn’t resist of trying this toothbrush splattering technique. Seemed easy but nice looking for stars, trees etc. The starry sky is somewhat copy of the image I saw on Facebook. The cherry tree is just another try with technique, which actually didn’t go as expected.

Charcoal painting

This is the first time I tried charcoal drawing. Really loved the media after the first painting of dog. Used Bold, Medium and Hard Apsara Charcoal Pencil on Art notebook for Dog and Elephants painting.

Chalk Carvings

Saw some colorful chalks in super market today and reminded me of chalk carvings I used to do long back in college. A friend of mine had named it Chalkakriti in those days. Followings are my old works.