Dino Squash

Dino Squash is a physics based casual game, made by me and a friend of mine Priyanka Debnath. It is Developed in Unreal Engine 4. Currently available only for Android for free. And it is ad free too.


About the Game This is a Realtime Strategy game on plot of great Indian epic Ramayana. The story is about how Rama and Lakshmana gathers a monkey army to defeat demon army and finally defeat demon king Raavana to save Rama’s beloved wife Sita. Featured On Full game and Free Demo for Windows 32/64 bit & Linux … More Ramayana

Handwritten Musical Document Retrieval using Music-Score Spotting

Rakesh Malik, Partha Pratim Roy, Umapada Pal, Fumitaka Kimura. (ICDAR 2013) ABSTRACT In this paper, we present a novel approach for retrieval of handwritten musical documents using a query sequence/word of musical scores. In our algorithm, the musical score-words are described as sequences of symbols generated from a universal codebook vocabulary of musical scores. Staff lines … More Handwritten Musical Document Retrieval using Music-Score Spotting

A Shooting Game

This was my first OpenGL project It’s is a third person plane shooting game with 5 different levels, with different types of enemy planes with different types guns and different types of enemy bosses.